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Addicted to Pornography, Lust, Masturbation?

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Most men struggle with lust. We desire to be free, but we don't know how to stop. Many of us aren't even sure we want to.

We Need a Different Approach

Having personally battled with a 30+ year addiction to lust, porn and masturbation, National Men's Speaker, Author, and Purity Coach STEVE ETNER not only understands the struggle, but knows first-hand the victory only God can bring.

With The Point of Purity Program, Steve leads you through his proven 3-step process to help you develop the skills necessary to live in freedom and be the pure man you long to be!

Freedom from Porn Addiction can be yours!

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Sexual Purity is ACHIEVABLE!

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We Offer Some Great Resources to Help with Sexual Purity

Point of Purity Program

A proven 3-step process to help you develop the skills necessary to be the pure man you want to be.

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My Purity Coach APP

This FREE App works on all mobile devices and is a great resource tool to help you take captive your thoughts and stop porn addiction in its tracks!

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Internet Accountability

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability sends a weekly report of all your Internet activities to your accountability partner, helping you make wiser choices about Internet use.

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Helpful Videos

Videos of National Speaker, Author and Purity Coach Steve Etner sharing his testimony and teaching principles from God's Word on how to live in victory over lust, pornography addiction and masturbation.

Free e-Books

Whether you are personally struggling or if you are an accountability partner to someone trying to get free from the pull of porn and the lure of lust, these FREE e-Books from Covenant Eyes will definitely benefit you

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Every Monday morning we send out an email to men literally across the globe. It's a brief devotional thought straight from the Word of God meant to start your week with a Biblical perspective on purity.

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