Extreme Mind Makeover

How to Transform Sinful Thoughts & Habits

Extreme Mind Makeover - How to transform sinful thoughts & Habits into God-pleasing Patterns of Life

About the Book

This book challenges readers to change their everyday actions by changing their everyday thoughts. God-pleasing lives start with God-honoring thoughts. Since each of us thinks thousands of thoughts every day, it's critical that we grasp the significance of starting on the right foot.

Rich with over 300 Scripture references and scores of practical illustrations, Extreme Mind Makeover is a book that will help you live a more God-honoring life by starting with a solid foundation. As you examine the truth of God's Word and apply it to the thoughts you choose, you will begin to experience true life-transformation. If you have been struggling to overcome sinful habits, this book is for you. Steve's biblically sound and practical advice will give you tools and confidence in facing change. You can turn those sinful habits into God-honor patterns by changing your thoughts, one-by-one.

About the Author

Steve Etner is passionate about connecting with men about the issues pertaining to their sexual purity. His passion has taken him all around the nation, speaking with men at conferences, retreats and special events hosted by churches. Once you read Steve's book, you'll understand why this topic is so close to his own heart, and you'll see how his practical advice can help you, too! Be sure to check Steve's other titles, "A Biblical Toolbox for Purity" / "Are You a Super Man?" / "Overcoming Temptation" / and "Removing the 'I' from L.I.F.E."

Comments (9)

  • by Lawrence

    I picked up this book (electronically) from a friend in Celebrate Recovery as I was recovering from sexual addiction. I use this book as a way to learn about God’s transforming power to renew my mind through the power of the Holy Spirit. I study this book with a friend through a weekly Zoom meeting and we both have grown spiritually; not just regarding sexual addiction, but growth in our spiritual lives. This is not just a read through and done book, but a daily study where you have to take some time to think deeply about even short phrases. This book is for those who want to grow spiritually to know the heart of God. I highly recommend Extreme Mind Makeover to those struggling with hurts,, habits, or hang-ups in life. Thank you, Steve Etner for this powerful, personal, and practical guide to deeper life in Christ. I would give 10 stars if I could.

  • by Hokie, Class of '70'

    Excellent book. Makes you look at what we are doing as Christians and made me realize I could be doing a whole lotter better and provided excellent insight of how to get on the correct path to eternal life. Great for a study group.

  • by Anonymous

    Extreme Mind Makeover isn't a book about theory, it's about the practical application of God's truth as seen in the author's own personal life. His depth of honesty and use of Scripture helps the reader understand how they can apply God's Word to their own life and be FREE of their sinful habits.

  • by jMan_1985

    If you take time to read this book and apply it to your life, you will find that you want to become more like Christ and glorify Him forever. I wish someone had pointed out these truths to me at a much earlier age!

  • by Carl R.

    Extreme Mind Makeover is not a book about theory, but about the practical application of God's truth in Steve's own life and how it helped him overcome a habit of sin. In this book he shares with the reader the lessons he learned and he helps the reader understand how he or she can apply those powerful, biblical lessons in their own life!

  • by bobrum

    Tremendous resource for releasing the power of God's Word into the life of believers. Both encouraging, challenging and definitely helpful as Steve Etner systematically builds on how God works in our behalf and empowers us to live through a renewed mind anchored in His love for us.

  • by Aaron Smith

    Steve Etner has relied wholly on God's Word to make clear to us that our minds can be transformed to fulfill our true life's purpose of glorifying God. I grew up in the church and knew that glorifying God was important, but I didn't realize how most of the problems in my life were due to not focusing on my true purpose in life; glorifying Him. Extreme Mind Makeover uses hundreds of verses to not only lay out the compelling case of what God wants, but also the gameplay for how we become that. I have read all of the major Christian authors and titles over the past 15 years as I have been heavily involved in Men's Ministry, but this material is the most powerful since it is so firmly planted in scripture. I would highly recommend it for a group of men to read together.

  • by Anonymous

    If you're a Christian that still is struggling with sin, you need to study and read this book. Steve shares the truth that your behavior stems from your thinking, so if you want to honor God with your behavior you must first honor him in your thinking. And the great news: we are in control of what we choose to think about! This book has held me accountable, has taught me new concepts from the scriptures, and has inspired me to live a transformed life.

  • by Tranzformer

    This book is really good for anybody who wants to enhance their life or turn it around. It is an easy read with a message. I would recommend this book if you want to think while and after you read.