Are You A Super Man?

Becoming God's Man of Steel

Are You a Super Man? Becoming God's Man of Steel

(an 11-week Men's Interactive Bible Study)

About the Book

When it comes to faith, most men don't feel very super. We see our struggles to walk with God, we realize that we each have some Kryptonite in our lives, and our enemy loves to remind us of all of our shortcomings. Can you relate? If so, then you need to pick up a copy of "Are You A Super Man?"

We all know that every superhero has a secret power or weapon, and for men wanting to walk boldly in their faith with God, God's Word is that weapon! Once again, author Steve Etner has written a practical resource to help men walk in purity, integrity and godliness as "Super Men" of the faith. Through this book he'll help you adjust your spiritual appetite, strengthen your home base, and even identify and defeat your kryptonite. Built as an 11-week interactive men's Bible study, "Are You A Super Man" is a must for any Christian man striving to please God.

About the Author

Steve Etner is passionate about connecting with men about the issues pertaining to godliness, integrity and purity. His passion has taken him all around the nation, speaking with men at conferences, retreats and special events hosted by churches. Once you read Steve's book, you'll understand why this topic is so close to his own heart, and you'll see how his practical advice can help you, too! Be sure to check Steve's other titles, "Extreme Mind Makeover," / "Overcoming Temptation" / "Removing the 'I' from L.I.F.E." and "A Biblical Toolbox for Purity"

Comments (3)

  • by Jonathangage

    I love Steve's style of writing! I can just taste his analogies as he points me to God's word! I also really love how this study equips me to dig deeply into God's Word as if I were eating a T-bone steak. I find the more I invest myself in God's word through this study, the more of the rest of my life falls in line with what God wants of me. I am truly learning to be a superman dependent on God!

  • by Amazon Customer

    A good book that is a perfect match for head and heart. Perfect mix of grace and truth. A good book for a men's study, where all men in a small group can add and follow along wherever they are in their walk as Teknon Theos.

  • by DeWayne L Cummings

    Great advice for any Christian, highly recommend.