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Episode #150 - Eye Protection

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Episode #150 - "Eye Protection"   


When walking around in the pitch black of night, I’m willing to bet that a flashlight would be a very welcome help. How foolish would it be for someone to turn on a flashlight, point it to the right and yet walk to the left? Pretty stupid, right? Wherever that light is pointing is the direction you are going to walk. Why? Because that light is there to show you where to go and what obstacles to avoid.

Welcome to the Point of Purity Podcast! I’m your host Steve Etner – author, National Speaker, Certified Professional Mentor TM and Purity Coach for The Pure Man Ministry and this is Episode #150. In this episode we continue our journey through my book entitled “Are You a Super Man? Becoming God’s Man of Steel.” This week’s episode is entitled "Eye Protection."

If you’ve been following our last couple of episodes, then you know that we just learned that a Super Man of God knows where to pitch his tent, and he is always guarding his mind. One of the ways he does this is by being extremely careful about what he allows his eyes to see. We saw in 2 Peter 2: 7-9 that Lot’s righteous soul was in torment. He experienced intense spiritual warfare daily because he had chosen to pitch his tent in the wrong direction. He chose to worship King Me — he allowed his eyes not just to see the evil of the world around him, but to look on it with approval and appreciation—and it wore him down.

Watch this now: Every day we are faced with choices—choices about what we allow our eyes to see. Those choices have consequences.

In the most famous message Jesus ever preached (known to us as the Sermon on the Mount), He said “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness” (Matthew 6:22-23).

Think of a “lamp” as a flashlight. Only instead of the light shining “out” from your eyes (like X-Men’s Cyclops), it’s actually shining inward. That “light” (what you allow your eyes to see) is showing you how to live, where to go and what to do. So, consider this: What happens when the majority of the things we allow our eyes to see each day are sinful and ungodly?

Jesus is telling us that the things we see have a powerful influence on the things we do. If our eyes are good, if they are focused on things that will glorify God, then our actions and behavior will also glorify Him. However, if we allow our eyes to continuously view things that are ungodly, those things will wear us down and our lifestyle will eventually reflect that choice. Choices always lead to consequences.

Daily we need to make decisions about what we will read, watch and even what we will listen to. Wouldn’t it be great if God regularly published The Throne Room’s Weekly Review: Heaven’s TV and Movie Guide to show us which things received His two-thumbs-up? Well, in a sense He has. No, you won’t find where God says, “Thou shalt watch these things and thou shalt not watch those;” but as you daily invest time in studying God’s Word, you will be able to quickly identify those things that are going to help you grow spiritually and those that can draw you away from God.

So how do I know what I should look at and what I should not? Certainly, there are some things that are fairly obvious, like pornography—a definite no-no (Matthew 5:28). But what about those things that fit into those undefined, grey areas? Look to Scripture. Seriously, dude—turn to the Word!

  • “(God’s) word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)
  • “The unfolding of (God’s) words gives light.” (Psalm 119:130)
  • God’s “commandment is a lamp and (His) teaching a light.” (Proverbs 6:23)
  • “The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.” (Psalm 19:8)
  • God’s Word is “a lamp shining in a dark place.” (2 Peter 1:19)

In Philippians 4:8 we are instructed to keep our minds focused on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Since what we see has a direct impact on what we think, doesn’t it stand to reason that the things we see should also be true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable? In the final analysis, anything you see that takes your love and focus away from God, from His Word, and from doing His will, doesn’t belong in your life. Choices always lead to consequences.

I love the challenge from David to turn our eyes away from looking at worthless things (Psalm 119:37). That’s solid advice. In fact, he goes on to warn us to always be careful about what we set before our eyes (Psalm 101:2-3). When we allow the wickedness of this world to enter our eyes and penetrate our minds, we run the high risk of our thought patterns becoming altered, which will eventually impact our behavior. What you think will affect what you do.

So, what do you watch on TV? What movies do you watch? What online games do you play? What magazines do you read?

“Oh, but Steve, it’s just harmless entertainment!” you say. “I’m able to discern the difference between what’s happening on screen and real life. No harm, no foul.” Really? Let me challenge you to carefully consider what you are allowing to enter the flaps of your tent. What ungodly things are you exposing your mind to? What seed thoughts might the enemy be planting? Seeds grow. What crop will those seeds produce? Maybe not right away, but over time those seeds will sprout into weeds that will choke out the Word (Matthew 13:22).

I know, I’m really meddling here. For some of you I just became a crazy lunatic who’s thumping Scripture at you—but please hear me out. If you do not guard your heart NOW by being careful of what you allow your eyes to see today, the deception of Satan will slowly creep in and warp your thinking, pulling you away from God.

Never forget that bad company corrupts good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33). What kind of company are you allowing into your home and into your mind by way of your eyes? If you allow your eyes to see that which does not glorify God, you are allowing your mind to think on things that do not glorify God. Unless you guard your mind, it can result in a life that will not glorify God. Choices always lead to consequences.

Over the last couple of episodes, we’ve focused on one powerful truth: your eyes and your ears are gateways into your mind. What you allow to enter through those gates will impact your effectiveness for Christ. What we see/hear impacts what we think; what we think influences what we do! So, as the children’s Sunday School chorus says – O be careful little eyes what you see!

That’s why, above all else, we are to guard our minds at all times. Logically, if I am going to effectively guard my mind, I must also guard my eyes and ears as well.

We are commanded in Scripture to fix our gaze on that which is directly in front of us—our eyes should always be looking straight ahead (Proverbs 4:25). Why? Because that is where God is. Because that is the direction God’s will is leading you. When your eyes are locked on to God you cannot—you will not—go wrong (Psalm 141:8).

O my friend, it is vital to your spiritual growth that you always set your focus on God. Never let it wander from Him, no matter what lure the enemy may be using in an attempt to draw your attention. Always be focused. Always be strong. Be God’s man of steel. Don’t play around with your Kryptonite. Don’t even think about it. Don’t allow the worldly things you see each day to turn you away from following Christ.

Remember, what we see influences what we think; and what we think impacts what we do. That is why …

  • We are to fix our eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:2)
  • We are to fix God’s words in our minds and in our hearts. (Deuteronomy 11:18)
  • We are to fix our eyes, not on what is seen but what is unseen. (2 Corinthians 4:18)
  • We are to fix our thoughts on Christ. (Hebrews 3:1)

What you allow yourself to think about—everything that goes on in your mind—matters to God. Scripture is quite clear on the issue. Set a guard around your mind, my friend. Lock it down tightly by being very careful about what you see and what you hear.

Before we wrap up this episode, I’d like to read a short story to you that I wrote in Chapter Eight of my book “Are You a Super Man? Becoming God’s Man of Steel.” And I quote:

“Jesha was a servant, second tier, in the palace of the King. He had worked hard to move up the ranks and was proud of his position. As a 2-T servant, he was privileged to be stationed in the throne room. Although his job wasn’t easy, it was quite simple. Every day he would sit on a hewn block of wood, 25 feet off to the left side of the throne. Anytime the King needed him, His Majesty would make a simple gesture with his left index finger. Immediately Jesha would be at his side to do whatever task was assigned to him.

“Most of the time he was constantly on the move. Running to the kitchen to get a cup of pomegranate juice. Going to the library to bring back a specific scroll. Taking an honored guest to his room for the night. Whatever the King needed, Jesha was there.

“However, there were times when all he did was sit for hours on end and stare at the King’s left hand. He dare not look away, ever. His job was that important. He could not afford to take his eyes off the King. To look away, to allow his attention to be taken from his Master for even a brief moment, could be disastrous. Choices always lead to consequences.” End of quote.

“To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens! Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, so our eyes look to the Lord our God.” Psalm 123:1-2

Where are your eyes looking? Are they turned inward toward King Me, or are they focused and fixed on the King of Kings?

OK. Let’s hit the pause button until next week’s episode as we continue our journey through my book “Are You a Super Man? Becoming God’s Man of Steel.” If you would like to learn more about today’s study, or if you’re interested in learning more about The Pure Man Ministry, be sure to visit our website to see the multitude of resources we’ve made available to you – you can find our website at ".

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In this 12-week men’s Bible study you will learn how to identify your Kryptonite, steer clear of it, find your super-spiritual strength as you daily draw closer to the SON, and be the man of steel God has called and equipped you to be. So, let me encourage you to go to today and purchase your copy of “Are You a Super Man? Becoming God’s Man of Steel.”

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So, until next time this is Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Mentor TM and Purity Coach Steve Etner reminding you that if you are going to glorify God in your everyday living, He must first be glorified in your every moment thinking.

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