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 Helping men and women find hope, help, healing, restoration and redemption
leading to lasting victory over sexual addiction through a growing, vibrant, powerful relationship with Christ.

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Episode 38 War: It's Not a Game
War: It's Not a Game

Life is about so much more than just living. It’s more than just (inhale) sucking in oxygen. God has a purpose for you today, tomorrow, next week. In fact: His purpose for your life is understood only through a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Then and only then will you find genuine purpose, fulfillment, meaning and real satisfaction to every aspect of your life.

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Episode 37 All Means What?
"All" Means What?

As a born-again believer, God is living in you. That means you already have His godliness. All of it! Listen: Only God can be godly, and He has already placed all His godliness within you. You have the ability to be godly because you have the all-powerful God living within you!

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Episode 36 You've Got the Power
You've Got the Power!

In this Episode we see that God gifted you with life so that you could live it for Him and for His glory. All of it. Every bit of it. All the time. So, how are you doing with that?

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Episode 35 Battle Tactics 101
Battle Tactics 101

Why is it so important that God is in charge of every facet of my life? Why is it so difficult to always let go and let God be the final authority over my life? I’ve got a News Flash for you: This life isn’t about YOU. It never was and it never will be. Ok, I know, not actually a “News Flash” but we do tend to try to make it all about us don’t we!

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Episode 34 Wise Up, Wise Guy
Wise Up, Wise Guy

To win our battle against sexual impurity, we must grasp the vital necessity of growing in our relationship with God. As you apply God’s truth to your life, as you walk in obedience to God’s standards, you will be wise—you will be free!

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Episode 33 Swing Your Sword
Swing Your Sword

In this Episode we take a look at Psalm 19 and discover the singular, most powerful weapon God has provided us with that is guaranteed to take down the beast of sexual impurity in your life. Namely: The Word of God.

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Episode 32 Rock Solid Faith
Rock Solid Faith

Just as we need a solid foundation in order to build a solid structure, so we need to build a morally pure life on a spiritually solid foundation. The bottom line is simple, if you expect to stay standing in the midst of the storms of sexual temptation that constantly bombard you on every front, you need to be planted firmly on a foundation that will not fail—one that runs deep into solid rock.

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Episode 31 Talk to the Doctor and Take your Meds
Talk to the Doctor & Take your meds

Proverbs 3:5-6 commands you to “trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 4:23 commands, “Above all else, guard your heart!” So, how are you doing with that? Are you guarding your heart? Are you trusting in Him completely?

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Episode 30 Heart Healthy-Heart Wise
Heart Healthy - Heart Wise

God is calling each and every one of us to put all of our attention upon Him. He knows what’s best for your heart. He knows what will make you spiritually healthy and help you grow, and He has prepared a special meal just for you! We need to open our Bible every day for the rest of our lives and feed upon every word that comes from God’s mouth.

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Episode 29 Preventing a Spiritual Heart Attack
Preventing a Spiritual Heart Attack

As a Christian you have been given a new heart. Now you must “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. In this episode we dive into God’s Word to discover how to prevent a Spiritual Heart Attack.

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Episode 28 Who is Really in Charge
Who is Really in Charge?

We can’t fight this battle for purity on our own. To win this war, we must be in God’s Word every day studying it, memorizing it, meditating on it, and obeying it. Only through Him, only through His might can we stop, once-and-for-all, the rampaging beast of sexual immorality that is running amok in our heart.

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Episode 27 Seek after God
No Hide - Yes Seek!

It is vital for your integrity, it is critical for your purity, it is a necessity for your godliness that you remain faithful and true to God! That you stay focused!

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Episode 26 Heaven's Army is On My Side!
Heaven's Army On My Side!

Your spiritual foe wants to devour you, to consume every part of your life with selfishness, King Me worship, and darkness. This is why you must be firm in your faith, resolved to daily deny and die to self - committed to living every moment of every day only for God. You must resist the enemy every inch of the way. This is war!

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Episode 25 Hold Strong
Hold Strong to Your Stronghold

When I state with confidence that the Lord IS my stronghold, I am boldly declaring that the enemy cannot touch me because I am - right here and right now - totally safe and completely secure within the protection of that stronghold.

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Episode 24 Does God Really Care?
Does God Really Care for Me?

The almighty, unchanging, all powerful, creator of the universe – God Himself - cares about you! As hard as that may be to grasp, the fact is: God loves you with an everlasting love and He demonstrated that love for you at the Cross of Calvary.

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Episode 23 Lessons from Lot's Lousy Legacy
Lessons from Lot's Lousy Legacy

Lot was a man whom God called “righteous” ... yet he was also a man who lived a life that was characterized as anything but righteous. What lessons can we, what lessons must we learn from Lot’s lousy legacy so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes as he did?

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Episode 22 Lots Lousy Legacy
Lot's Lousy Legacy

What is the focus of your mind? What thoughts do you entertain? What you think about will influence what you do. Are the daily choices you are making in life for the benefit of King Me or for the glory of God?

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Episode 18 Why God Rescued Me
The Freedom of Choosing Freeedom

Whenever you are facing temptation, any temptation, remember you always have a choice. At each and every point of decision you will choose either King Me or God. And with each choice there are always consequences.

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Episode 20 Only God Can Fully Satisfy
Only God Can Fully Satisfy

My friend, if you are thirsty for genuine and lasting victory over sexual impurity in your life, if you are thirsty for freedom over porn, lust, and masturbation, if you are thirsty for a deep connection and growing relationship with your Creator and Savior of your soul – then come to the water. Come to Christ who is THE living water. Open your Bible daily and let it cleanse your mind, wash your heart, and refresh your soul!

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Episode 16 Guard Your Mind
Guard Your Mind by Guarding Your Eyes

Would you like to know how to escape the temptation trap and effectively say “No!” to Lust, Porn and Masturbation? Do you desire to avoid the snare altogether and stop giving in to the beast? Would you like to know how to live completely and unreservedly for God? Do you long for the time when you never have to lie to cover up your sin? Then you’ve come to the right place my friend.

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Episode 18 Why God Rescued Me
Why Would God Choose to Rescue Me?

It is vital to your victory in this battle for purity that you fully comprehend that God always was, is, and ever will be all about His glory. Not yours, not mine, His – always His. He does all that He does because that's who He is.

But the question looms - why? Why would a holy, just, and righteous God choose to save a sinful, selfish, wicked person such as me?

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Episode 17 THe Power of God's Word
The Power of the Pure Word of God

God's Word teaches us how to live for Him. It is God’s Word that is perfect, it is God’s Word that revives the soul and makes us wise. It’s God’s Word that is right, rejoicing the heart ... and it’s pure, enlightening the eyes. It is not only when you read God’s Word but actually do God’s Word that there is great reward.

In this episode, we are going to look at Psalm 25:8-11 and discover how God’s Word equips you with everything you need to be pure!

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Episode 16 God Already Knows
God Already Knows - And He Still Loves You

In this episode, we are going to look at Psalm 25:7. God’s love for you is steadfast. His amazing love for you stands true forever – in spite of your sinful choices.

God’s love for you is not dependent upon your purity. It is not contingent upon your right behavior. His love endures your sin. His love endures your fickleness and your selfishness. His steadfast love endures ... not just for a time but forever!

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Episode 15 My Purity Coach Training
Biblical Training on How to Be Sexually Pure

Lust and porn will always give you bad counsel. They say, “Come, let us satisfy your need! Let us lead you to wonderful, forbidden pleasures that will make all your problems go away. Indulge. Play, have fun, it’s not like you’re doing anything wrong!

We need God to guide us as we open His Word and navigate through His principles and precepts of purity. Who better to be your personal guide than the One who designed and created you?

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Episode 14 Dealing with the Shame of Porn Addiction
How to Deal with the shame of porn addiction

Shame comes when you turn away from God in favor of worshiping a false god. Shame comes when you choose to disobey God's commands - going against His will in favor of the whims and wishes of King Me.

In today's episode we discuss "The Shame of Sexual Sin" and how to be free from experiencing that shame by living in victory over lust, porn addiction, and masturbation!

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Episode 13 Learning to Fully Trust God
How to put all of your trust in God Alone

Scripture is clear, we are to trust God. However, trusting God is far more than just believing in Him for your salvation. “Trust” in the Scriptures refers to having a bold confidence resulting in a sense of total security, surety and peace. It’s “placing all your eggs into one basket,” a basket that someone else is holding. It’s “putting all your weight” upon God with the firm conviction and assurance that He will not ever fail you.

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Episode 12 Surrendering my Porn Addiction to God
How to Surrender Your Porn Addiction over to God

What is the “benefit” your soul gets when you choose to give in to the sinful, selfish desires of the flesh? What is the “benefit” your soul gets from choosing daily to deny what your flesh wants and instead fully surrender your heart to God?

Only your flesh “benefits” , not your soul. Any “gain” (if you want to call it that) is temporary, short-lived, and eternally worthless.

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Episode 11 Putting My Confidence in God
How to Put All My Confidence in God

Have you ever felt like God is angry at you for your sin, disappointed in you for your weaknesses, and punishing you for your repeated sinful choices? Has it felt like God’s left you all alone to fight the beast by yourself.

Hebrews 13:6 tells us that “We can confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.” You can have confidence that when you cry out to God, He will hear you.

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Episode 10 Lifting My Soul Up to God
How to stand firm in the battle for purity

You are daily engaged in spiritual warfare. You are on the front lines in this battle for sexual purity and you desperately need to know how to fight this war. You need the combat training that only God can give. You cannot afford to NOT be prepared!

In today’s episode we begin a mini-series in which we will be studying Psalm 25 – a powerful text of Scripture that will help you be the person of purity you long to be.

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Episode 9 Choices Have Consequences
How to Choose My Consequences by Choosing My Actions

Building a life of sexual purity doesn’t happen overnight, and like any building project – you must daily choose to use the right tools for the task. In Episode 9 we going to talk about your choices and the consequences that follow. Specifically, how to make the right choices. Choices that will not only glorify God – but lead you to living in freedom and victory over the 3-headed dragon of lust, porn and masturbation.

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Episode 8 Choosing Sexual Purity
How to Choose Sexual Purity Every Time

Choose to do what is right and you will be blessed. Choose to do what is wrong and you will suffer the penalty of your sinful, selfish choice.

In this episode, we are going to talk about choosing sexual purity – it’s entirely up to you. When facing the temptation to lust, to look at porn, to fantasize sexually, to masturbate, Remember This: you have a choice. You always have a choice.

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Episode 7 Resistance is NOT Futile
How to effectively resist temptation

Do you desire to please God with your life? Do you also struggle with sinful thoughts and habits? There’s a conflict going on there, right? On the one hand there’s a desire to please God. Yet on the other there’s a strong desire to please self.

In this week's episode we will discover how to successfully and victoriously resist the devil as we learn how to submit to God (James 4:7).

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Episode 6 Sinful, Sad and Sorrowful
How to Get to the Heart of What I Do

Choose to lust, look at porn, masturbate; choose to worship King Me, run after another god instead of the true God and you will experience the absence of genuine joy and perfect peace. You will know nothing but sorrow and sadness. That’s a fact of Scripture, and a painful reality of life.

In this episode we will discover from Scripture how to make the right choices and experience the peace, joy, happiness, and genuine satisfaction that only God can give.

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Episode 5 The Journey to Sexual Purity
How to Avoid the Pitfals of Sexual Purity

As you well know from your own personal experience, this journey to purity can be difficult and even a bit challenging at times. You find yourself doing things you’re not used to doing. You are trying to give up things that don’t want to be abandoned. There are moments where you may be tempted to just quit altogether. You find yourself wanting to give up and give in once-and-for-all to the overwhelming and relentless temptations that have been hounding you for months – maybe even years. I know, I’ve been there.

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Episode 4 Are You All In
How to Have a Right Heart Motivation

Why do you look at porn? Why do you lust? Why do you masturbate? Why are you choosing to sin? You do what you do because in your heart you want what you want.

In today’s Point of Purity Podcast, we are going to talk about the motivation of your heart. Man looks on the outward appearance, but God is looking at your heart (1 Samuel 16:7) Join us as we discover the real motivation of your heart, and how to always make the right choices.

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Episode 3 Time for a New Beginning
How to Trust God in the Middle of it All

As we work our way through today’s podcast, you will see that God is sufficient for ALL of your needs and desires; and that He alone will do what porn and masturbation, lust and selfishness can never do - namely, fill you with pure joy and real, lasting satisfaction.

God's love for you, and the grace He gives you is grander than anything you can possibly imagine! So let’s dive in to Episode 3!

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