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Episode #152: "Destroyed by Deception"

When the Master Deceiver wanted to lead Adam and Eve into sin, he didn’t stand over them with a sword, threatening to cut off their arms if they refused to do what he said. He didn’t scream at them. He didn’t torture them by shoving needles under their fingernails or by making them watch endless reruns of I Love Lucy. He simply started a seemingly innocent conversation focused on attacking Eve’s mind. His goal: to change the way she thought about things.

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Episode 152 Destroyed by Deception
Destroyed by Deception

Never forget that Satan’s target is your mind. His weapon is lies. His purpose is to get you to worship a false god, to live for King Me instead of God.

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Episode 151 My Archenemy
The Archenemy of My Soul

An archenemy is someone who is extremely hostile and opposed to you. An archenemy hates you and wants nothing more than to see your total annihilation. As a Super Man of God, how well can you identify the archenemy of your soul?

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Episode 150 Eye Protection
Eye Protection

What your eyes  see shows you how to live, where to go and what to do. So, what happens when the majority of the things we allow our eyes to see each day are sinful and ungodly? This episode asks the question, are you protecting your eyes?

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Episode 149 Fall of Super Man pt.2
The Fall of a Super Man (2)

This week is Part 2 of our 2-part study Genesis 13 and 19 - the story of Lot. From this study we are discovering what led to his fall and how to ensure the same thing doesn't happen to us.

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Episode 148 The Fall of a Super Man
The Fall of a Super Man (1)

Part 1 of 2 - a study of Genesis 13 and 19 - the story of Lot. Discover what led to his fall and how to ensure the same thing doesn't happen to you.

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Episode 147 This is WAR
This is WAR!

Satan is a master at deception. Just ask Eve. Just ask Judas. Just ask David, or Peter, or even me. His ultimate goal is to lead your thinking away from God. His purpose is to turn you against your Heavenly Father, and he knows the best way to do that is to weasel his way into your mind.

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Episode 146 No Fishing Allowed
No Fishing Allowed

Everyone struggles with temptation; it’s just a fact of life. Let’s face it, temptation to sin is all around us. Just as a fisherman uses a specific lure to capture a fish, so Satan lures us away from the path God wants us to take. So, what is the lure that draws you?

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Episode 145 Deception Decision Destruction
Deception, Decision, Destruction

Your habitual sins won’t provide you with what you’re looking for. They won’t give you what you need, simply because they cannot. Only Jesus is the answer.

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Episode 144 Kryptonite

Just like Superman, as Teknon Theos, your power to stand firm against the enemy comes directly from the SON. The closer you are in your relationship to Jesus Christ, the greater your power. Yet you too have a weakness. It’s your Kryptonite.

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Episode 143 What did you say
What Did You Say?

What you think will come out in what you say. If your thoughts are focused on King Me, your words will be centered on self. If your thoughts are focused on God, your words will draw attention to Him.

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Episode 142 The REAL Super Man
The REAL Super Man

As people watch you, are they getting a right view of God? Are you making a lasting impression upon them for the Kingdom of Heaven?

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Episode 141 Stand Up Stand Out
Stand Up Stand Out

Yes, we’re human. Yes, we have a tendency toward sin. But no, we do not have to give in to it. We sin because King Me is sitting on the throne of our hearts. We sin because we choose to. We can choose to Stand Up and Stand Out and Just Say NO

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Episode 140 Think
Think, Think, THINK

What are you allowing to enter your mind every day? What are you allowing yourself to think about? What we think strongly influences what we do - so, THINK!

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Episode 139 Delight
The Light of Delight

The guy who “delights” in God’s Word is the guy who finds great pleasure in reading it. He can’t wait for the moment when he can open its pages and study it, just to hear God speak to him. Do you delight in God’s Word?

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Episode 138 Practice Makes What?
Practice Makes What?

To be a wise man you must not only hear what God is saying, but also seek to consistently live out God’s truth and principles. This is when your godly life will be established upon a solid foundation. This is what makes a Super Man of God.

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Episode 137 A Wise Man and a Moron
A Wise Man & A Moron

in Matthew 7 Jesus introduces us to Wally and Martin. Wally is a wise man, and Martin is a moron. So, who are these two guys? What are they building? What makes Wally wise and Martin a moron?

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Episode 136 FOUNDation
Finding Your FOUNDation

Which kind of home would you want to live in: one built on a weak foundation, or one built on a strong one? A silly question? Just as a solid foundation is needed in order to build a solid structure, so we need to build our spiritual lives on a spiritually solid foundation.

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Episode 135 Don't Be a Quitter
Don't Be a Quitter

Are you ready to give everything you are and everything you have for your King? Do you understand that when you surrender to the Lordship and leadership of God in your life you are guaranteed the victory?

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Episode 134 Dude Do Right!
Dude - Do Right!

Have you ever been in a spot where you knew the odds were stacked against you? You knew there was no way you could win. Yet  you stood for what you knew to be right no matter the cost. That is what makes a Super Man of God!

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Episode 133 That's My Boy!
That's My Boy!

You want to be a Super Man of God – God’s Man of Steel and yet there’s Kryptonite all around you. You are surrounded not only with temptations to sin, but struggle with a nagging desire to give into them. How do we live in victory?

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Episode 132 Who's Got the Power?
Who's Got the Power

Want to stand firm when the enemy attacks, capable of not giving in, bending your will so it conforms to God’s? Want to be faster, going immediately to God when facing a trial or temptation; able to see through walls of doubt and fear and comprehend God’s path for your life? ”

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Episode 131: What do You Want - Who Do You Know?
What Do You Want - WHO Do You Know?

Deep down in your gut do you want, long, desire, and crave for a life totally characterized by godliness no matter what? Do you want to be God's Man of Steel?

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Episode 130 The Purpose of Purpose
The Purpose of Purpose

Would you like to know how to live completely and unreservedly as a Super Man of God?

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Episode 129 How to Be God's Man of Steel
How to Be God's Man of Steel

In this episode, we continue a new series taking a fun look into the fictional story of Superman and begin to talk about: “How to Be God’s Man of Steel!”

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Episode 128: Are You a Super Man of God?
Are You a Super Man of God?

In this episode we begin a new series taking a fun look into the fictional story of Superman and ask you the question: “Are You a Super Man of God?”

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Episode 127 No Room for a Dark Room
No Room for a Dark Room

As a Christian (a child of the Light), are you choosing to still walk in darkness? If so - WHY?

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Episode 126 Free to Trust
Free to Trust

How do I live my life no longer pursuing what King Me wants but instead living daily, living moment-by-moment all for the will of God?

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Episode 125: The Master Disaster
The Master Misaster

Do you desire to please God with your life? Do you also struggle with sinful thoughts and habits? There’s a conflict going on there! In this episode, we encourage you to ask the question: Whom is really in charge of my heart?

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Episode 124 Changing Drinking Fountains
Changing Drinking Fountains

Turning to anything other than God for your satisfaction is literally wasting your life on that which will not (because it cannot) satisfy.

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Episode 123 Awestruck Perspective
Awestruck Perspective

Do you stand daily in awe of God? Are your thoughts continuously drawn to Him throughout your day? What is your perspective of the Christian life?

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Episode 122: Revere or Fear
Revere or Fear?

One of the biggest reasons most of us struggle with entrusting our soul, our life, our sinful habits to God is the fear of what might happen if we do choose to fully surrender.

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Episode 121 Hold or Held
Holding On or Being Held?

Can you take refuge in your sinful habits? Will they act as your fortress, protecting you from the enemy? Of course not! God IS your protection and strength as you stand and face the beast of temptation.

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Episode 120 Action is the Key
Action is the Key

If we are going be Christians who live consistently in a way that truly honors God, then we must understand it’s not going to happen simply because we want it to. A person of integrity isn’t just talking a good faith, they are consistently living it.

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Episode 119: Integrating Integrity
Integrating Integrity

Are you a godly man or a godly woman of complete integrity? Is it even possible?

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Episode 79 Say Moo
Staying a Mile from the Vile

Set before your eyes a vile thing and automatically expose your mind to those things and your thinking process becomes distorted, ultimately altering your behavior and King Me has once again stepped into the enemy’s trap.

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Episode 117 Perfect Vision
Perfect Vision

Would you like to know how to escape the trap the enemy has set for you and effectively say “No!” to any temptation? Do you desire to avoid the snare altogether?

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