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Episode #181: "A Perfect View"

Every day we are faced with choices about what we’re going to permit ourselves to see. Are you going to choose to see only those things that admonish and encourage you to live a godly life, or will you choose to allow yourself to view things that have the strong potential of tempting you to indulge in the sinful lusts of the flesh?

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Episode 181 A Perfect View
A Perfect View

Every day we are faced with choices about what we’re going to permit ourselves to see. Are you going to choose to see only those things that admonish and encourage you to live a godly life, or will you choose to allow yourself to view things that have the strong potential of tempting you to indulge in the sinful lusts of the flesh?

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Episode 180 Understanding the Mind
Understanding the Mind

In Gal. 5:17 Paul reminds us that the flesh is in conflict with the spirit – and the spirit is in conflict with the flesh. They are opposed to each other making it difficult to do what is right.

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Episode 179 Delight
Delight in The Light

How do you feel about God’s Word? Assuming your answer is something like, “I love God’s Word!” let me ask: Do your actions support that answer?

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Episode 178 Say MOO
Say "MOO!"

God wants us to keep His Word on our lips. We need to daily feed on Scripture. We need a daily diet of God’s Word. We need to open our Bible daily and devour the words of our Creator and Heavenly Father.

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Episode 177 Be Prosperous
How to Become Prosperous

The top priority of every Christian must be to know God and as a result of that heart-knowledge to live a life that truly honors and glorifies Him continuously and consistently.

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Episode 176 Reflection
Reflect on Your Reflection

When you merely listen to God’s Word and choose not to immediately act upon what the Holy Spirit has shown you and convicted you of you are drawing a false conclusion. You’ve been deceived and duped by the enemy.

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Episode 175 Deceived
Have You Been Deceived?

As you read God’s Word, you are going to learn God’s truth. However, the truths that God reveals to you within His Word are totally worthless IF they are not immediately put into practice

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Episode 174 Remember
Can You Remember?

In order for the Holy Spirit to remind us of what God says in His word about how we should live, we must first read, study, meditate upon, and memorize Scripture, storing it up as priceless treasure in our heart.

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Episode 173 Spiritual Metamorphosis
Spiritual Metamorphosis

Your everyday way of living, your worship, your thoughts, your choices and the consequences that follow, all of it should be consistently characteristic of your new holy nature.

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Episode 172 Yes You Can
Can You Do It?

As a Christian you have God dwelling within you. You can indeed do all things through Christ because He gives you the strength and ability to accomplish it.

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Episode 171 Running the Race
Running the Race

We must choose to live each day with the understanding that yielding to the sinful desires of our flesh will compromise our ability to successfully run the race, and we will not be able to fulfill our life’s purpose.

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Episode 170 Body Parts
Body Parts

It is impossible to live a godly life apart from your body. It is through the use of your body that you either glorify God or magnify King Me

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Episode 169 Walk the Talk
Walk the Talk

We are to put on godly behavior, but the only way that is going to be consistently characteristic of our life is if we radically change our King Me thinking to God-honoring thinking.

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Episode 168 Fixed

It all begins with your heart. Who is sitting on the throne?

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Episode 167 1+1=?

One sin inevitably leads to another, and then to another. Once you become comfortable with a particular sin in your life, it is only a matter of time until other issues arise.

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Episode 166 No Fishing Zone
No Fishing Zone

Everyone struggles with temptation; it’s a fact of life. Temptation to sin is all around us. HOW do I keep from giving in? How can I live in victory?

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Episode 165 Don't Have to Sin
I Don't Have to Sin

This week’s episode is a continuation (part 2) of last week’s episode entitled “Why, O Why Do I Sin.” In this episode we discover that we sin not because we have to but because we choose to. Learn how to choose godliness!

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Episode 164 Why Do I Sin?
Why Do I Sin?

We give in to temptation because the flesh likes it. Sin is pleasurable. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t do it. The more we listen to the cries of our sinful flesh, the more likely we are to sin.

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Episode 162 Do, Doing, Done
Understanding Sin

Have you ever sinned? I know ... silly question. However, if we are going to live lives that consistently glorify God, it is important for us to understand the depths of this issue and how it applies.

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Episode 162 Do, Doing, Done
Do, Doing, Done

Everything you think, say, and do should always be thought, said, and done for the purpose of glorifying God. So, how are you doimg with that?

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Episode 161 To Tell the Truth
Tell the Truth

As you grow in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, there is a significant impact on the way you think. Since what you think becomes what you do, when there is a positive change in your thinking. The end result is a positive change in your behavior.

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Episode 160 Don't be a moron
Don't Be a Moron

Are you a Wise man or a Foolish man (moron)?

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Episode 159 The Know in Knowledge
The 'Know' in Knowledge

Knowing God isn’t just knowing about Him. If all you have is an intellectual comprehension of God, you are not going to gain what you need to live a godly life. You will only have increased in knowledge, not understanding. What does it mean to truly know God and how do I do it?

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Episode 158 Life's Purpose
Life's Purpose

Obtaining of a sense of direction and significance to life comes only as you daily choose an intimate, personal relationship with God and walking in obedience to His commands all for the purpose of bringing praise and glory to Him alone.

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Episode 157 The CHRISTmas Tree
The CHRISTmas Tree

A fun look at how to use the Christmas tree as a teaching tool telling others the Gospel Message of salvation.

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Episode 156 Radical Transformation
Radical Transformation

God promises to keep you in a place of safety—a place where you are able to experience an inner peace that is indescribable, and one that will stand guard over you at all times.

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Episode 155: Rip Open Your Shirt
Rip Open Your Shirt

This week we are going to focus on an amazing truth found in Scripture. You'll discover your fears and frustrations are unfounded and unnecessary. And you will uncover the secret to being a Super Man of God.

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Episode 154 BE a Super Man
BE a Super Man

Do you desire to please God with your life? Do you also struggle with sinful thoughts and sinful habits? There’s a conflict going on there, right? In the midst of the battle, how can I BE a Super Man of God?

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Episode 153 The Lie
The Truth About the Llie

The archenemy of your soul doesn’t want you to live in victory over your sin, so he attacks your mind with his lies to keep you from growing in your walk with God. How do we recognize his lies?

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