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Recommendations from Churches and Organizations

Steve Etner was the Keynote Speaker at our 2022 "Leaving a Legacy of Purity Men's Rally" here at theStone Church in Manchester, Iowa. Steve's inspired teaching and awesome training covered a targeted range of issues extremely relevant to men in today's culture. His teaching was among one of the highest rated conferences we've had to date!

theStone Church Men's Ministry in Manchester IA

Steve's speaking was 100% Biblically based, with extremely practical scriptural applications, and his handout materials will always be a valuable study guide for future reference.

Thank you Steve Etner for the open, honest discussion on men's issues from a Biblical perspective!

~ theStone Church Men's Ministry Leadership Team

Men struggle at varying degrees of purity and sexual sin, and Steve Etner (a.k.a. The Purity Coach) is tackling and attacking this issue head on.  I first met Steve at an Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference we hosted in Buffalo, NY. CSB Ministries Steve also spoke for our ministry at a men’s retreat.  His testimony is powerful, and his frank discussion and openness of his past struggles make him not only an authority on this topic, but men listen and desire to apply his practice of memorizing scripture and other ways of having pure thoughts, ALL the time. 

It was at this retreat Steve’s true heart and desire to see men overcome struggles and additions such as this, shine through.  A personal friend of mine that very week of the men’s retreat was found to have many struggles, and because of these, his actions caused much pain in his family.  During free time, Steve spent more than an hour, one-on-one with my friend.  Many can write a book, speak at retreats or conferences – but Steve definitely takes it to the next level with his personal caring attitude, availability, and willingness to counsel at any time.

~ Scott Haima, Interim President - CSB Ministries

Steve Etner is an example that those who truly listen to God’s Word can be drawn out of the deepest hell. Pornography and lust should have destroyed Steve and his marriage to his lovely and Godly wife, Heather. But Steve is living proof that God’s mercy, love, and grace are sufficient.

I, along with several other team members at Covenant Eyes, have worked with Steve since 2012. He is steadfast in his own purity, accountability, and ministry. He has a great burden to help men dive deep into the Bible to discover freedom and embrace a life of purity, honesty, and bold living.

Covenant EyesThrough his ministries, writing, speaking, free app, and other tools, Steve offers a systematic way for men to hide the Word of God in their hearts so that it flows into their daily living. Through Steve, God is transforming believers and producing genuine and lasting change that is shown in men who are living courageously and stepping up in their roles as men, husbands, and fathers.

As a speaker, Steve engages men. You’ll find your men laughing while he’s talking about terribly difficult subjects, and you will see them thinking deeply as he delivers thought-provoking stories. Steve has a fascinating ability to make uncomfortable topics like sexual sin approachable in ways that capture men’s hearts and push them to seek authentic change.

When it comes to pornography and sexual purity, some leaders and pastors worry that this may be too tough of a topic to address. Pornography is rampant in our culture today, including the Church, and we can’t expect to change the world if we are not bold enough to change culture within the Church. Steve is tactfull and well prepared to handle sensitive issues with a deft touch that allows your men to hear God’s Word and pursue change in their own lives.

I encourage you to bring Steve to your church or event, and to support his ministry. He will help your men understand how God’s Word can be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.

~ Sam Black, Covenant Eyes author, speaker, and team manager

New Century Church - Roanoake VASteve was the featured presenter at our annual Men's Retreat. He has a gift of presenting God's Word in a way that brought clarity and challenge to the men that attended. The amount of Scripture we covered was immense, but Steve tied it all together well, teaching us how God can transform our minds to fulfill our true purpose of Glorifying Him. Steve has had a deep spritual impact on many of the men, myself included. Our desire is to focus our lives and choices on Christ, and Steve gave us the strategies to live that out on a daily basis.

~ Aaron Smith - New Century Church, Roanoke VA

Steve Etner declares war on the sinful thoughts and habits that are within all of God's created beings. The Pure Man Ministry (aka Purity Coach) is very unique and very American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delewareimportant, in that it speaks to the heart of issues for believers and non-believers to be more like Jesus Christ.

I was personally blessed and challenged by Steve's presentation. He was tremendous - the one God ordained for our retreat. The President of our organization was so inspired that he plans on giving a testimony about Steve's workshop at our next retreat (which Steve is coming back to speak). Many of the men were so moved by the quality that they commented this was "The best retreat ever with Steve's being the finest workshop!"

~ Bob Coats, Director, American Baptist Men's Ministtry, Shippensburg PA

Lake Ann Bible CampSteve Etner spoke at our Men's Retreat on the subject of sexual purity. It is not an easy topic to address, but Steve put the cookies on the bottom shelf in a tasteful and tactful way. Afterwards we had "process groups" (small men's groups) and many lasted for an hour or more as they discussed Steve's seminar. Some of our men took Steve's contact information and have been in touch with him personally for counsel and accountability.

I am certain that Steve has what you are looking for if you want to start an honest and candid discussion that will help your men live godly in our current world.

~ Ken Riley, Camp Director, Lake Ann Camp, Lake Ann MI

Several years ago, our church made a commitment to our men that we would stand with them as they strived to live a life of purity. We have committed to making valuable investments in our men and one of those investments is Pure Man Ministries. Steve was our featured speaker at our annual men's retreat and through his willingness to be open Grace Church of Tonawanda NYabout his struggles and his generous use of scripture, God has clearly used him to impact the lives of our men. If you are looking for a quality communicator with a passion for Godly character, integrity and purity, he is your man.

~ Jon Longwell, Sr.Pastor - Grace Church, Tonawanda, NY

Christian men, designed by God as leaders, are being tormented with the bondage of sexual temptation and sin in our culture. I cannot stress how valuable it was (and will be for you) to have Steve Etner come in and hit these very real issues head-on.

Steve's ministry was incredibly impactful to the men of our church. He showed us straight from God's Word, that Christian men are called to purity. We were challenged, not merely on a philosophical and conceptual level, but in a way that sparked real change and life-changing decisions in the lives of our men.

Steve's honest and real-life approach provided an atmosphere where our men could remove their masks and be truthful before each other and God; that is where life-change happens. Our men opened up to allow God to work in their lives and we experienced a pivotal time in our church's growth with many of our men committing to live their lives as leaders at home and in church- letting go of the bondage of sexual destruction that is so common today.

Finally, men like Steve are leading the charge against this silent killer in our churches.

~ Brett Larson, Oversight Team/Discipleship Elder - Grace Church, Tonawanda, NY and General Manager WDCX Radio Network (NRB Board Member)
Host of SKOPOS radio

Personal Testimonials

This is just a thank you note for your conference at Argos last Saturday. On the way home, our Pastor said, "I would like all of us to go forward at the invitation so the Church can see the commitment of each of us on our declaration of war against sexual impurity.

Steve, you did a great job! I have been a Christian for over 49 years, and your conference was one of - if not the best I have ever attended! Our Lord is usuing you in a great way and will continue to do so. Our Churches and country needs this message so bad.

~ Bill W

Hello Steve: I am so blessed to have been at the retreat this weekend at Camp Hickory Hill in Varysburg, NY. The blessing was on multiple levels which is not a surprise when God is in it. He is so awesome, and He used you in such an awesome way in my life as well. Your messages to all of us men were, in my opinion, very anointed.

I'm so excited as I have begun reading your book and immediately had to highlight a paragraph in the Introduction. This is really good stuff sir!

Please let your wife know how grateful I (and I am sure eventually my family as well are) that she hung in there with you. She sounds like a really amazing gal.

~ Ken S

Steve, I don't think I can adequately express our grattitude for you coming as the speaker at our men's retreat. You have a gift of presenting God's Word in a way that brought clarity and challenge to the men that attended. You not only taught us how God can transform our minds, but you had a deep spiritual impact on many of the men, myself included. Thank you for sacrificing time away from your family to build all of us up to be better followers of Christ, and leaders with our own families!

~ Aaron S

Hello Steve: Just wanted to thank you for the talk you gave at the Lake Ann Men's Retreat.

The only reason I went to the retreat was to hear your talk. As a believer I needed to hear what you had to say. I came away with answers to issues in my life that I had been looking for. I needed that time and really enjoyed the weekend.

~ Ed B

Dear Steve: I attended your teaching at the men's retreat at Camp Hickory Hill last month, and purchased a couple of your books.

Your testimony was very powerful. While I have been able to keep free from many of the sin traps you ended up in, I can relate to much of what you shared. I am impressed with the commitment your wife showed, and the power that God has now turned to His good. I know this is a very difficult ministry for you since men do not want to admit this kind of behavior. Yet that is the reason it is all the more necessary to help bring it all into the light of God's transforming grace. The Word of God is powerful.

Since the retreat I am more consistently in Scripture, and I have removed some things in my life that were not honoring to God. Thanks for your obedience to God's call.

~ Nathan Z

Hi Steve: I just got home from today's conference and wanted to send you a quick note of gratitude.

The Holy Spirit has been convicting me of my sexual immorality for years, but hearing your testimony of how faith and living for God has healed your life was a divine appointment.

Your plight resonates in my heart as I too suffer with addictions to lustful thoughts, pornography, masturbation and a lifetime of sexual impurity. My sin has remained hidden, but secretely I have cried out to God so many times to deliver me, only to rationalize "one more time" when my personal will power proved once again, inadequate.

I knew this depraved condition was preventing me from developing the relationship I wanted with God, and that without God I was trapped. And so therein lay the paradox. Today however, God spoke through you the revelation of relationship. Bless you for speaking out and rebuking Satan's lie! Through His grace and the cleansing blood of Christ, I have the choice of freedom from my sin. So, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"

Thanks again. This is a real milestone for me.

~ Don L

Hi Steve: I recently was at your Pure Man Conference in Argos with a group of our men. Without a doubt, to a man, we concluded it was one of the best men's conferences we have been to in a long time. Thank You!

~ Brad F

Thank you Steve for teaching the conference on purity, and for your honesty and transparency. You are a wonderful blessing to me, as I seek to follow God and live the way He intended me to.

~ Marty E

Steve, I wanted to thank you for your time at the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference in Richmond. Attending your session on purity was very timely and encouraging for me! Your teaching helped me believe that there can be light down the tunnel and not necessarily a freight train. I pray that your ministry will be blessed.

~ Ivan W

Steve: I just wanted to thank you for the conference in Yorktown. I am a men's pastor and this is the number one issue men bring to me as well as my own personal struggle in this area. Thank you for taking such a solid stand!

~ Jim G

Please understand that your involvement in this program does not provide any guarantee on the part of Steve Etner, The Purity Coach or The Pure Man Ministry. In other words, we are coming alongside of you for the purpose of coaching you toward accountability and purity. I am not a professional counselor and I cannot guarantee you specified results. I am, however, a man who has been where you are and has seen God work in my life in a mighty way. This program is what changed me. And God has used this program to impact the hearts of countless men across the globe!

I'm here to encourage you, to challenge you, to pray with you, and to share with you what God has taught me. I look forward to coming alongside of you in this journey!